Material Handling Equipment

Equipment for rent:


Renting a forklift gives you tremendous flexibility with your operations. If your company is experiencing rapid growth or a decline in business, you can quickly add or remove forklift rentals from your fleet since determining how much to rent a forklift is an easier hurdle to overcome than purchasing or financing a forklift. This flexibility allows you to scale your operations and give you the ability to make the necessary adjustments. 

RWFC RENTAL - Crown Sit-down Electric Forklift SC5245-40
RWFC RENTAL - JLG 2630ES Scissor-Lift 26 Ft - Narrow

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are safer than ladders as they’re equipped with safety apparatus to protect operators from workplace accidents, falls, injuries and fatalities. The entire scissor lift work platform is protected by railings with a gated area, used by operators to mount and dismount the lift.

Equipment For Sale:

Electric Forklifts

The zero-emission advantage of electric forklifts means that they emit no fumes, making them a perfect addition to warehouses and factories alike. They’re also highly manoeuvrable – their small chassis enables a compact turning radius and makes the navigation of tight spaces like warehouse aisles seamless.

RWFC RENTAL - Crown Electric Narrow Stand-up Forklift RC5520-30 / SKU: RWFC22519

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Pallet jacks

A pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck, pallet pump, pump truck, scooter, dog, or jigger is a tool used to lift and move pallets. Pallet jacks are the most basic form of a forklift and are intended to move pallets within a warehouse.

Three key benefits of an electric pallet jack:

  1. Less Physical Strain:  Electric models use assisted lifting, making it easier to move pallets from point A to point B.

  2. Increased Productivity:  Electric pallet jacks can lower, lift, and move around much quicker than manual models.

  3. Heavy Lifting:  Because electric pallet jacks are automated, they are doing the heavy lifting for you, making it easier to transport big, heavy loads.

Walkie Stackers

Straddle stackers, also known as walkie stackers, are walk-behind pallet trucks with a mast for lifting pallets to great heights. It is oftentimes used for transporting products over short distances and lifting pallets where a traditional forklift isn’t necessary.