What is an RT scissor lift?

Rough terrain (RT) scissor lifts are designed for function on rougher terrain/landscapes, as opposed to slab scissor lifts. Major benefits of this type of lift include four-wheel drive, traction control, the ability to level the machine on slopes, higher weight capacities, and more.

This type of lift usually provides more workspace than smaller slab scissor lifts, which provides room for multiple workers. RT scissor lifts are available in several sizes. Some RT lifts feature platform capacities spanning from 1000 to 2500 pounds and working heights spanning from 32 to 59 feet. This option is ideal for those needing a machine that can be used to navigate difficult access points while carrying multiple workers.

RT scissor lifts are often used for tilt-up construction, building maintenance, outdoor construction, welding, exterior finishing, to assist general contractors, and more. For those working on slopes and/or uneven surfaces, RT scissor lifts are the best option.

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