Why rent?

People who rely on dependable, well-serviced equipment rentals don’t have the ongoing responsibility of repairs and maintenance that all equipment requires to remain in top condition.

Owning your own construction equipment provides your business with a capital asset but has the added factor of repair and maintenance costs to extend the equipment’s life cycle. People who rent equipment from trusted suppliers can be confident that their equipment is always dependable and operates at peak performance. That’s because all repairs and servicing are done in-house by the supplier’s expert technicians.

When you choose to rent equipment, you’ll avoid some of the following costs in both time and money:

  • Leasing or buying workshop space to conduct repairs and maintenance
  • Buying tools and equipment to perform repairs and maintenance
  • Sourcing and purchasing machine parts and stocking parts inventory
  • Covering technician labor costs
  • Funding emergency repairs from unexpected equipment breakdowns
  • Managing equipment records, including hours of operation, wear and tear and parts replacements
  • Scheduling and coordinating ongoing preventive maintenance

In addition to the direct costs of repair and maintenance, nonproductive equipment time due to repair needs also costs contractors. Whenever construction equipment isn’t in use, it’s wasted time that erodes a project’s productivity and cuts into the contractor’s profitability. For people who rent their equipment, the risk of interruptions in production time due to equipment repair needs is virtually

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